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White Rock Ranch is located in the "Land of Waterfalls" Brevard, North Carolina. We are raising Premier Registered Texas Longhorn.  We breed our Longhorns for Horn, Body, and Color (Preferably Blue Roan)!! A True Blue Roan Longhorn has predominantly White hair mixed with Black hair and Black skin which gives the longhorn the appearance of being "Blue".  This is one of the rarest and most sought after colors of the Texas Longhorn.  White Rock Ranch uses the best genetics the world has to offer:  VANIZM, JP Grand Marshall, Heavy Dose, LLL Lucky, LLL Matt Dillon,  WS Jamakizm, Sittin Bull, KC Just Respect, Hidalgo Chex, Lakota Chex, Phenomenon, Emperor, , Gunman, The Shadow, Shadowizm, Mile Marker, Winchester, and Maximus ST ......  
These animals are for sale at all times please call Vincent Girolamo for purchases and delivery to your ranch or farm.

call Vincent @ 214-542-4727
White Rock Ranch
Jacksboro Texas, 76458

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