Goat Packages

These goats are the pinnacle of the meat goat business.  When you mix the Savanna goat with the Boer goat you get a gene explosion.  This creates a bigger healthier more disease resistant and more parasite residant hybrid.  The Savanna goat also breeds year around, unlike the seasonal breeding  of the Boer goat.  They are also a very beautiful animal.  Go with a Savanna/Boer cross buck or nannie from White Rock Ranch and immediately improve your goat herd.

    White Rock Ranch has over 400 goats to choose from.  We like to sell these goats as a package.  White Rock Ranch has many packages to choose from!  All goats are on site at the ranch.  They are browsing in our most pristine pastures in the rolling mountains of Jacksboro Texas.  These goats can be bought at the Ranch or delivered to your ranch or farm.  Delivery price depends on quantity and distance.

Package one is five female boer goats that are ready to breed.   $2,000
    with a Savanna /boer cross white buck  $400
    Total $2,400

Package two is 10 ready to breed females Boer goats.  $3,800
    with a Savanna/boer cross all white buck $300
    Total $4,100

Package three is 15 ready to breed female Boer goats.  $5,600
    with a Savanna/Boer cross all white buck $200
    Total $5,800

Package four is 20 ready to breed female boer goats .  $7600
    with this package you get a free Savanna /Boer cross all white Buck!!!!
    Total  $7,600!!!

Package five is 40  ready to breed female boer goats.  $16,000 
includes complimentary Savanna/Boer cross all white Buck.

A Savanna /Boer cross all white Buck with no nannies is $500 firm

A Savanna/Boer cross all white Nannie is  $500 firm

    We only use these Savanna/Boer cross Bucks on our herd because we know that they improve the herd: healthier kids, better mothers,great milking, more disease and parasite residant.  The perfect animal for small or large ranches and farms.  SO GO SAVANNA!

    The Savanna meat goats origin is South Africa.  They were raised with no or very little human intervention.  This made the goat very hardy.  Only the strong survived.  When mixing this breed with Boer goats the Hybrid Vigor is amazing.  The kids are hardy and big.  They pack on the weight fast which is good for your bottom line.  After all all years in the goat business we have never seen another breed that can compare with the Savana/Boer cross HYBRID!






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