Date of Photo: 6/6/2014 Courtesy of Nate Schumpert

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Date of Birth: 4/9/2007
Description: AI#762 Semen available
Owner Name:McIntyre Ranches, White Rock Ranch
Private Herd Number:33/7
Registration Number 1:BA177699
AI Number:762
For Sale:Yes
Sales Price:$20,000
Sales Comments: VANIZM is a "total package" traffic stopping bull. He is sired by Shadowizm and is a half brother to the passed Legend Jamakizm. VANIZM horn measurements are over 73" TTT with 93" Total Horn.. This gives VANIZM an advantage that most bulls don't have, that's great height and size with correct confirmation , great TTT and massive Total horn! VANIZMS Disposition is second to none, he is a calm cool gentlemen easy to work and passes that gene to his calves. VANIZM is also known for producing blue roan, black and brindle calves with a high percentage of frosty faced. He will add size, color, horn, and perfect correct conformation on his calves you can be proud of.
Pedigree ProgenyMeasurement History